Noctuarize a DAN A4


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Mar 28, 2019
Hi, I have a Dan A4 (ver.4) from a year and a half now and I'm willing to "Noctuarize" her a bit in search of less noise and more performance if possible, so I would like to ask you for advice. My budget (wife) allows like 3 Noctuas, so here we go.

I currently have 3 IDcool 92mm fans (wich are quite good, but 15mm wide) attached to the BlackRidge (as intake) and both bottom MB and PSU tray (as exhaust). Without having any Noctua to compare I can't say they are loud (except perhaps the one on the motherboard tray due to the closeness to the board itself, but that's been addressed with a lower fan curve on BIOS). On the other hand, despite the good performance of the windforcex3, the Gigabyte 2070 is quite loud when gaming (way louder than the other 3 fans mentioned before combined) and I would like to fix the overall noise a little.

My 4 plans here would be:

A - 3 x NF-A9x14 to replace the IDCooling ones and use them (ghetto mod) on the GPU (Although I'm more keen to dremel an IDCooling fan than a Noctua one to avoid the Display Port... I would keep the fan's inner rim to force the air go downwards)

Something like this --> 3 x 92mm ghetto mod <--​

B - Leave the 3 IDCooling fans as they are and put the 3 x NF-A9x14 on the GPU (I would avoid for all means to dremel the fan, so perhaps I'll get into some clearence issues against the front of the case)

C - (cheaper one) Leave the 3 IDCooling fans as they are and put 2 x NF-A12x15 on the GPU, perhaps getting even more cooling performance against 3x92mm ? (again, not dremel involved).

Something like this --> 2 x 12mm ghetto mod <--​

D - Leave the bottom fans as they are and get 1 x NF-A9x14 for the BlackRidge + 2 x NF-A12x15 for the GPU

Thank you all the braves who had reach the bottom of the post and any comment will be very welcome! ?
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