Concept Noctua NH-L9A Shroud Mod - cool your entire radiator


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Mar 28, 2020
Hi everyone! I've never made a post on here so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or if someone else has already had this idea.

For this concept, I wanted to make a shroud that would go between the fan and the radiator on the NH-L9A that would allow for the fan to directly cool the entire radiator. The height of this shroud would be 10mm making the cooler 47mm, the same as the C7, and the Blackridge. Since the shroud would be around the same size as the radiator there should be no issue with ram or motherboard clearance. In theory, the shroud will allow for the area directly under the fan mounting to be cooled in addition to the parts of the radiator the stick out from under the fan.

Here's what I threw together:

And a very ugly image of the concept:

As a side note, I do not have the resources to create this or test this concept at the moment. The current model above was one that I threw together in an hour on Autodesk Inventor and would likely have issues if printed and added to the cooler.

Please let me know what ya'll think!
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