Noctua NF-A9x14 fan mounted on AMD Wraith Stealth cooler


What's an ITX?
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Aug 20, 2018
I have mounted my Ryzen 2400G mini-ITX board upside down in the bottom drawer of my desktop.
It's and old desktop so I just made a hole that fits the stock wraith stealth cooler in the bottom of my bottom drawer. (pardon all the bottoms, English is not my native language)
My desktop stand in front of a wall, so I also cut some holes in the back of the drawer for USB, HDMI, WIFI antennas and the exhaust from my corsair sf450 PSU.
The motherboard is mounted on long 4mm fasteners that I screwd through the bottom of the drawer.
So the CPU cooler sucks air in from the bottom while the PSU blows air through the back of my desk. A ghetto mod but it actually works pretty great, and with the pc inside my drawer I gain some real-estate on the top of my desk ;)
At 10% the PWN controlled fan header on my motherboard makes the stock cooler spin at 700rpm when my mildly overclocked pc is idle or doing some light work, like browsing and stuf. At 700rpm the wraith stealth is almost silent.
But I would like my ryzen mini pc to be truly silent so I ordered the noctua NH-L9a-AM4 low profile cooler. Before I got as far as mounting the new cooler I realized that heat-pipes might not work upside down, so I decided to try an fit the noctua nf-a9x14 fan on my stock cooler. Screw holes the didn't fit so I attached the fan with strips.
The a9x14 is silent at 300rpm, and revs to 2600rpm at full speed. Compared the to the stock AVC dash0925R2M my cpu temp. at 100% load (prime small ffts) increased from 82-84, but I think it's silent operation at low load makes up for that.
As an added bonus the 14mm noctua fan is about 16mm lower than the AVC "stealth" fan.
So if anyone with a wraith stealth fan needs a few extra millimeters clearance I recommend retrofitting a noctua a9x14 fan.