Noctua L9i bracket doesn't sit flush against motherboard - normal?


Cable Smoosher
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Jun 27, 2019
Hi. My first build so taking it carefully. I've got an Asus Q87t motherboard with an i7 4790 on it. I bought the L9i and was doing a mock up in a Chopin case. When I put the cooler on the CPU, I can see that the heat sink block is in contact with the top of the top of the CPU i.e. nothing interfering. The feet of the bracket sit a few mm above the motherboard. This means that it I don't carefully do the screws up evenly, the heatsink does not sit flat. It also means that if I were to do the screws up tight it feels like it would put quite a lot of pressure on the motherboard. Is it normal to have a gap this big?


Master of Cramming
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Nov 18, 2017
Just screw them in until they stop in an X pattern. When the threadless shaft part of the screw meets the bracket, you're done. You can confirm that they're good just by looking at them from the side. The two brackets aren't supposed to make contact with the motherboard.