News NFC Systems S4 Mini Review

The Mini-ITX case market has seen significant growth in the last few years, from small upstarts and titans of industry alike. However, finding the proper balance between features and size still seems to be a tough nut for most case manufactures to crack. It is with this backdrop that we see NFC Systems step in, with the S4 Mini. A case that seems – on paper, at least – like it could be one of the best small form factor mITX solutions on the market today. Can a tiny manufacturer really topple giants like Fractal and Lian Li?



Cable-Tie Ninja
May 14, 2016
Jay, seeing how you are as crazy to noise as I am, how does the noctua cooler compare to the cryorg c7?


John Morrison. Founder and Head writer SFF.N
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Jun 19, 2015
My experience is that the C7 is more capable but is indeed louder. (assuming the L9A performs similarly to the L9i, which I expect it would)