Closed NFC S4M w/ all accessories and HDPLEX 400/Dell 330W


Here’s the complete list of parts in this bundle, and what I paid for them.

NFC Case: $199
NFC Machined On/Off Switch: $32
NFC Mini Feet: $25
NFC 3D Walnut Bezel: $55
NFC Skywire Cables: $39
HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX: $95
Dell 330W Brick: $98
$543 w/ out shipping/tax/etc.

All of this was purchased within the last month. No issues at all with any of it, I love the case. I had my full build done in less than an hour. I just decided to build something else and I need the money. I would like to get $350 + shipping for it all.

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