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News is light so I'm going retro SFF. Those of you looking to build retro SFF rigs might like this video. Pixel Pipes, seen above eyeing his drink after a Creative driver corrupted Windows 98 again, has taken a deep dive into the 3dfx Voodoo Banshee.

"Wait! How is this related to SFFN?!", you scream at your CRT? Well, I managed to find a Windows 98 compatible ITX industrial board from Commell. That's why. Expect an article in the future.

Anyway, the Voodoo Banshee actually offers near Voodoo2 class performance while also supplying a solid 2D engine. While there are AGP slot units available, they don't do anything special with the AGP interface. You can safely use the PCI version. Considering SFF boards like the Commell have a single PCI slot, that's the route you might have to go.

Check out the Pixel Pipe video below.



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Apr 21, 2017
Ok @Revenant, you tease. Which Commell board?? (Please tell me it's the LV-679...)

I got a LV-670M and LV-672. They both have native Win98SE drivers from Commell and the 845G is easy to do generically. Anything I would need the LV-679 for I could probably do better with Windows XP....speaking of which... I'm building a Windows 98 machine into a NCASE M1.