Concept New To Case Design--A 17.5L ITX Case with Full Watercooling Support


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Aug 2, 2018
Hi /r/sffpc!

I'm new here (and to small form factor builds). I recently built in the Evolv Shift which had horrible thermals. I then moved to the h200 which was pretty good but still had unpleasant GPU thermals. I have the Corsair SF450 which left a lot of perforation uncovered so I put a static pressure fan on the floor in the basement of my case which brought my GTX 1070 ti from 81 under load to 75. I felt that a lot of space was wasted with the power supply shroud and that the thermals could be better.

I decided to start designing a smaller case that still supported a water cooling loop and a 240mm radiator. I wanted to make a case that takes in air from the bottom of the case and shoots it straight to the GPU. I'm still figuring out how to get good CPU thermals in this case (maybe use the top as an intake and the rear as exhaust?) but the purpose of the case is to make a custom loop or use an AIO. I haven't found a spot for an HDD in this case yet and I don't think it needs one with how affordable SSDs are getting.

I realize 17.5 L isn't as small as a lot of builds on here but I wanted to make a case with a tempered glass panel and space to make a really clean and compact build that shows off every component. Maybe this would be more appealing if it could support mATX as well. I don't have a name for this yet--I'm open to suggestions that aren't *too* condescending. Keep in mind I'm new to this (case designing and SketchUp both) and would really appreciate feedback. Here are images and specs.

CASE SIZE: 12" x 13" x 8" (the feet are an inch tall to allow for proper intake).


RADIATOR CLEARANCE: 290 mm x 125 mm x 70 mm

RESERVOIR CLEARANCE: 4.5 inches with top fan, 6.5 without

FAN SUPPORT: 120x2 at bottom, 120x1 at top, 80 at rear



STORAGE: 3x SSD Caddies, trying to find space for an HDD but also who needs that?