News New Jonsbo A4 SFF case in Pre-Production

new mass-production SFF case from Jonsbo

Product size: 169mm (W) * 273mm (H) * 340mm (D) (15.7L)
motherboard type: ITX
CPU coller height: 71mm
GPU length support: 325mm
top plate/ front panel / rear panel / bottom plate: 2mm aluminum-magnesium alloy
internal structure: 1.5mm blackened steel
side panel: 3.0mm full tempered glass
Hard disk support: 2*2.5+1*3.5
Front interface: POWER*1 USB3.0*1
Cooling system: top: 120mm*2\240mm AIO (optional) / bottom: 120mm*2 (optional)
Power support: SFX/SFX-L
PCI expansion slot: 2

Currently in pre-production stage. Mass-production expected in Sep.
Estimated Price ~120USD (w\o tax, PCIE cable included)

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Chassis Packer
Nov 1, 2019
Has anyone here bought one of these? Considering either this of a Ophion Evo, but this is slightly smaller and has a double fun support in the bottom of the case which seems nice.
Not seen any reviews on it though so waiting out for that


King of Cable Management
Jan 14, 2018


Master of Cramming
Jul 2, 2015
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and IP theft. Though I must say the first time I saw the sandwich layout was the Velociraptor build on some years ago, well before the A4. It was way ahead complete with an ATX PSU hack to get the width down, also had temp controlled vents/flaps and compact.