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What's an ITX?
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Oct 21, 2020
I am looking to a new PC to replace an aging Dell XPs. My thoughts are a X570 with Ryzen 9 5900X 32 meg of ram with a medium end graphics card ( 5600XT or similar or potentially the new AMD graphics cards). I plan to have it dual booting as spend most of my time using it for work and CPU intensive tasks in Linux. The windows for some gaming mainly racing simulations like IRacing, Assetto Corsa and F1 2020.

I originally talked to a company to build me the PC and they don’t think that a 5900X and medium to high end graphics card can run reliably in a SFF case and I am not after the sub 10L case category. I like the NR200P ( if you can find it) and the Streamcom DA2 cases. I would like to use Air-cooling if possible but can understand that might limit my case choice so would be happy for AIO.

I am not interested in overclocking but just want a fast , reliable and Compact PC. I have watched lots of YouTube video and they seem to build acceptable systems in SFF cases and don’t have temperature issues. Any recommendations on cases and cooling solution that would meet my criteria.