Previewed in ASRock’s Computex Press Release (Courtesy of TechPowerup), three new Desk* products are on their way to market, two Intel models and an AMD model. The biggest news is the new DeskMeet supporting Ryzen 7000 up to 65w, featuring the usual quad DIMM slots, PCIe 4.0 slot and dual M.2 slots, but also including a 2.5G ethernet jack.
The smallest news is the new DeskSlim model, using the standard DeskMeet board, but in a new 6.5L chassis. We’re looking forward to this one and will have pictures as soon as we find them.
On the Intel side, the DeskMeet and DeskMini B760 systems will start production in Q3.

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Analogue Blacksheep

King of Cable Management
Dec 2, 2018
Somewhat annoying the board only still supports 65W CPU's, but curious to see if the bit about the DeskSlim mentioning it is compatible "DeskMeet's motherboards" means the motherboards might be sold individually.
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