(NEED HELP) Building my first SFF PC in Dan a4 v4.1


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Nov 24, 2019
Hi guys,

I am a newbie regarding SFF builds (I have some experience with regular builds from the past) and the dancase a4 v4.1 really caught my attention. I have decided to build a new PC in this chassis that I will be mainly use for gaming AAA titles at 1080p @ 144Hz. Since I am an air-cooling kind of guy I have decided on the following parts (after doing some homework regarding compatibility):

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (or X, if price delta is not too big, currently there is only a 20$ price difference in my country)
Motherboard: Aorus x570-itx (I can get a very good price on this board particularly, only 15$ premium over the B450-i MSI model)
GPU: PowerColor Red Dragon 5700 XT
Cooler: Alpenföhn Black Ridge (swap the stock fan with nf-a12x15)
RAM: 2x Kingston DIMM 8GB DDR4-2666 VLP (part no. KVR26N19S8L/8)
PSU: Corsair SF600 Platinum (or SF750?)
Case fan 1: Noctua NF-A9x25 (under the PSU)
Case fan 2: Noctua NF-A9x14 (under motherboard)
Internal storage: I plan to use two m2 SSDs (one samsung 970 pro 1tb I already own & another m2 sata for 512gb/1tb on the backside of the motherboard). I don't plan to use any 2.5" sata drives.

So my questions to you guys are the following:

1. Will I run into any compatiblity issues with the motherboard/cpu cooler/ram mix mentioned above? I don't know exactly if I need to order "fixing set Blackridge AM4 for AsRock and Gigabyte" from caseking in order to have full compatibility with the aorus x570-itx. Also I read on some forums that other people ran into issues when pairing the Black Ridge cooler into this gigabyte aorus x570-i motherboard...
2. Are the 2 case fans I mentioned above compatible with my list of parts? I am a little worried that the NF-A9x25 (under the PSU) will be crammed with all the excess PSU cables there and might not function properly (eg: cable touching the fan blades etc.).
3. Kind of related to question 2: Do you recommend maybe using some custom length cables for the power supply? If yes, what dimensions would you recommend (ATX,CPU,GPU)?
4. Given the above mentioned case fans, what is the best setup for them? (eg: exhaust or intake)
5. Do you have other solutions for 2x8GB VLP Ram? My choice for Kingston VLP Ram (as another user kindly recommended here on sff.network) looks like can be overclocked to run stable at @3200-3400 mhz with decent voltage/timing settings.
6. Do you have any other suggestions regarding my build or things that I should change? Please keep in mind that I am aware of the asetek 92mm radiator solution but I am not a great fan of these AIO coolers, I plan to stick to regular air cooler.

I apologize if I am spamming this forum (from my brief research so far nobody adressed this particular parts list before) or repeating the same questions others asked in the past. Thank you!
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Jul 31, 2019
I cannot help you with anything related with the case as I don´t have it, but I can help with black ridge + mb combo and also the ram.

First, the black Ridge wont work with the 92mm fan underneath on this motherboard because there is interference with the chipset heatsink and fan, so make sure that you can use it with the 12x15 noctua on top of the cpu heatsink, beacuase other configuration wont be possible.
Theres also another problem, because the am4 bracket for the black ridge may interfere with a inductor or a choke (a small one) on the motherboard. I learnt this the hard way, because I clipped this inductor with the cpu cooler bracket and broke it a little bit... I was lucky and the mb works perfectly maybe because I only tear a bit of it which seems to be insulation material. The thing with this problem is that, as the cooler has some play when you install it, you may or may not clip this inductor with the heatsink depending on the "fine tune position" that you do while mounting it... and it´s quite difficult to see wether you are hitting something or not, because it´s not an easy place to look at.

I´ve marked what you can break on this pic. A good alternative is the id-cooling is-60 in fact for me it worked even better than the black ridge.

As for the ram, I´m usin cruciall ballistix sport LT 3.000 mhz and I am using them @ 3733 and timings 14-19-18-37 but the voltaje it´s not low at 1.5. I´ve decided to go that high because they work really cool on my ncase because theres a fan blowing directly to the board maybe in the dancase m1 I woul go another route with a bit less voltaje.
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