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Dec 12, 2020
Hey there!

For at least half a year now I have my Ncase M1 V6 and I'm more than happy with it. But now I want to switch from aircooling to watercooling. I've always had the wish to build one (again, a decade ago I've done it the first time but sold it later). But now I'm pretty far away from the community and I'm not really up to date on things. Obviously I tried to find out as much as possible before asking here, but I'm really unsecure about the fittings. So thats why I'm here :)

For now I only plan to cool the CPU but later I want to extend the loop for the GPU.

My shopping list so far:
Already ordered:
Reservoir: Iceman Cooler Rerservoir (without pump)
Radiator: EK Coolstream PE 240

Pump: Not sure yet, I read about the EK DDC ones and they tend to get a short circuit. So I guess some Alphacool DDC(?) I'm happy for any tip here :)
CPU: I think I can't do much wrong here (?) I think I will go with a Heatkiller or Alphacool one.

And now the fittings.. Damn so many types and different sizes. I really do like the concept of optimum tech vid with the quick disconnector. So I think I would like to go with that. Unfortunately he didn't wrote a complete list on what he used and at least me, as a newbie, have no idea ^^

Here is my guess on what to order:
4 x 90° Fittings G1/4 to 10mm (for radiator and cpu, for example: Alphacool HF 10mm 90° G1/4)
2x G1/4 to 10mm. (Example: Alphacool HF 10mm G1/4)
2x quick disconnector. For example: Alphacool Eiszapfen HF ??
Do I need more fittings for the quick disconnector?

Is that anywhere near to be correct? Is a 10mm tube okay?

I'm really glad for any help I can get, so thank you so much in advance!