NCASE M1 V6 GPU Compatibility List


What's an ITX?
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Jan 16, 2023
Hello, just wanted to ask if the Inno3D 4070ti X3 (297mm x 118mm x 42mm) will fit in this case.

My understanding from looking at the diagram is that it should without removing the front IO. This seems to be the only 40 Series card that does.

Any red flags will be appreciated before I purchase this. Currently I have 2 15mm fans mounted at the bottom as intake. Will that be okay?

Thanks for the help!
So, did it fit?


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Feb 23, 2023
Not sure how to post picture sorry for that, so the trick is to cut the aluminum back plate, just the over hang from the pcb. Also I had to get Corsair premium PCIe cable (single connector) and the side panel closes perfectly