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Mar 23, 2019
Does anyone have any predictions for the secondary market of Ncase M1's? I presume v1 will increase in value as a collectible, whereas the other versions would go simply due to a lack of supply. I don't know all the history and subculture of SFF. I just saw the Dan A4, NFC's mods and the S4, and thought these people get it, "Just because you're a technologist doesn't mean you're not creative. Technology should be aesthetically pleasing." I wonder to what extent Dan-A4 v1 would be a substitute for a M1 v1.


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Jun 19, 2015
As much as it could be considered a collectible in the nostalgia sense, we are seeing numerous new cases which iterate on the format and, in some cases, might improve on it. Whilst I could imagine a few folks buying them to collect, I figure that the prices will stay stable.

My reasoning on this is my experience with the NZ market, where we either paid exorbitant shipping to get the M1 here, bought used locally, or paid one local retailer who sold the cases for about the same total after shipping (albeit with local returns). We saw the M1 stable at a certain price (~NZ$300) no matter how many were in the market at one time, or if the retailer was in stock or not.

I figure certain spec and condition levels may demand a higher price at times, I figure that the new competition in the SFF market from major and minor manufacturers, offers a significant option for folks wanting a case.


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Jul 14, 2018
I don't see any reasons for the price to go up, regardless of versions. The v1 collectible thing is only valuable to those in the knows, which is very limited that makes demand not that high. The new-er comers won't give much weight to nostalgia when they can't fit the latest gen components.

In fact I believe it will go down over time, have not reach the stable level yet, simply of the fact that new cases are churning out the production line - better compatibility, more space optimized, better visual designs (YMMV on this but personally I've never been sold on the M1 visuals). That's the hard truth and the reason why M1 is now EOL, hence the M2 or M1 Evo or whichever successors from Necere and/or Wahaha
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Apr 21, 2017
Hard to say. I think I’d there use any collector value it will be for the very first and very last versions of the case, and then only to people who know. Also, there are A LOT of M1s out there right now; at least in comparison to other SFF cases.


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May 18, 2020
Put it this way. FormD T1 was/is still actively being produced. People are scalping them on ebay for $600USD+.
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Jul 14, 2018
Put it this way. FormD T1 was/is still actively being produced. People are scalping them on ebay for $600USD+.
Because of limited supply and the T1 being "better" / more hyped up. Think of it as the M1 but for the newer comers drawn into SFF by Optimum tech and the likes.

You think any of them who buy the T1 at 600 would buy an M1 just for nostalgia? My guess is less than a handful, if any.