NCASE M1 - Poor Man's Rear CMOS Reset Button (X570-i)


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Jan 7, 2020


I have an NCASE M1, with the ASUS STRIX X570-i. I initially bought a 3900x and recently upgraded to a 5950x as the price on Zen 3 came down.

Pretty happy with the upgrade, however, I ran into the dreaded 1900 MHz FCLK black-hole which is common with the 5950x where my system won't post with 1900 MHz FCLK. Will post at 1933 or 1866. Anyway, there's a bunch of things you can try to get it to post, but setting it can result in having to clear CMOS, which is quite tricky in an NCASE M1 with a Kraken X52 AIO and a STRIX 2080 Super.

My solution, a poor man's rear mounted CMOS momentary reset switch mounted into the rear case fan screw hole. Picked up the female-to-female dupoint line cables and the 5 mm momentary switch off AliExpress for about $5 AUD including shipping. The terminals on the switch are perfectly sized to take the regular mainboard header cable plugs without any soldering. I can easily take one side of the cable off the rear switch terminal for safety. But this will allow me to tweak away at the 1900 MHz black-hole problem and be able to reset the CMOS without having to pull the AIO rad and haphazardly put a miniature screwdriver to short the mainboard CMOS pins. Pretty happy with the result, non-destructive and removable, no soldering required.



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Jul 7, 2021
Seems like a quick & easy win! I feel like it should be easier to do a CMOS reset.
I felt the pain for real when I needed to try resetting the CMOS on my B650I Aorus Ultra... that was.... not fun.
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