Closed Ncase M1, NF-F12x2, SF450 in US

I'm selling a silver NCase M1 v6.1 kit (the case 2 fans and a PSU). I decided to opt for the Xproto open air case, so I don't the need the case and fans. I tested my rig's power draw it was pulling 440 watts, so I upgraded to a SF600. I used the PSU for a week. I'm selling everything as a kit and the price is firm. I am only free to ship on weekends. I will post pictures next weekend after I install the fans and PSU. My R9 Nano is getting a little long in the tooth, and I'd also be willing to trade (I would pay the difference via PayPal) for a replacement GPU which would fit in my Skyreach 4 Mini.

Shipping included in the US. Otherwise, shipping will be calculated based on actual shipping to your location. Please let me know if you prefer FedEx or UPS.
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Mar 23, 2019
RIP M1 😢 I still have this kit by the way. I have included all the PSU and fan cables in the box. I will not include the Corsair PSU bag. Here pictures of the kit. The Skyreach S4 Mini isn't included. I should've excluded it from the pic, but I don't feel like retaking it.

There is a scratch, I have no clue how it got there. I only recall opening the box and putting it on the shelf.

I'm sorry you have to see these cables. I thought about managing them, but then I remembered my name is Cerberus not Sisyphus. Here's the kit: