Cooling NCASE M1 Fan config question


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Dec 17, 2017
Hey guys,

So I have a question which I believe some in here probably have had as well and since both tested and know the answer to already...

I am wondering if putting 2 slim Noctua 120's in the bottom of the NCASE M1, as intakes, will make any difference at all (overall) or if they will just be wasted?...

I'm currently rocking an ASUS 1080 Ti Strix GPU and have no plans of taking it apart and attaching any kind of aftermarket cooler(s), as some users have. I want to have it stock and just wondering if it would be beneficial to put two Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM Chromax fans under it or not?...



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Jan 25, 2018
If my casual check on your display card's fan is correct, then its max CFM is about 50. A Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM Chromax fan has max CFM of about 55. So, two such Noctua fans are not going to feed enough air to the three Asus fans combined. There might be some choking and air has to be drawn from somewhere else.

Unless you have thermal problem, I also do not suggest adding two slim fans to the bottom.
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