N173HHE-G32 control board?? Does one exist?

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to build my own portable monitor case to take to LANs. What I want is simple- a 17-inch, 120hz 1080p display. The problem is, I've been looking and looking and NONE of them seem to have extant control boards. I can only assume the high-end laptop space has moved on to embedding the LCD controller into the mainboard, but surely, SURELY there exists a control board out there that can drive them? Any of them?

    For example, the N173HHE-G32. An extremely popular and common 17-inch 120hz display. I can't find any info that can lead me to a control board I can be sure works. Same story with every other display I've looked at.

    Would it be possible to, like, cannibalise a dead gaming laptop and rip apart its motherboard leaving only the display-driving components? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. But I know next to nothing about this stuff.

    Please, someone give me a hand.
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    I've built a handful of custom LCDs using made-in-China display controllers, and *no* supplier would confirm with me if a 120/144Hz display controller would work. I have a 17" 3D panel I'm hoping to give a home to, myself.
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    Is there any way to know? I would honestly just buy it and try it, but the display is about £70 so even though the control card is cheap, if it doesn't work I'm stuck with a panel I can't use.

    That product page DOES claim to support 1080p/144Hz. The question is whether it will work on my panel. They're both 40-pin EPS...
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    Alright, what about these ones?



    I understand that it's still not a sure thing but it doesn't look glaringly incompatible does it?

    Edit: there's also this one, made for higher resolutions... I could go up to a 1440p display, like a B173QTN01.4 maybe

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    Specs if you scroll down a bit say "QHD @60HZ / FHD 144HZ".

    Same here: "QHD @60HZ / FHD 144HZ"
    This one supports "4K2K/QHD144HZ".

    Also, pretty cool that all of these support FreeSync. Haven't seen that before. None of them mention FreeSync range, but that might be panel dependent.
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    Just curious, since I may be in the same market. Were you able to find a 120hz panel and compatible controller? Any guidelines to follow to ensure compatibility? It seems like a few companies make generic LCD panel controllers with tons of inputs, so narrowing it down to a small one that supports a 120-144hz display is proving to be a challenge.
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    I didn't have any luck identifying one with absolute certainty, however; allegedly-compatible combinations do exist. The trick is just to find one that's as new as possible with as many high-bandwidth outputs as possible: if a control board has three DisplayPort ports on it, you can safely assume it's built to handle those resolutions/framerates, though there's always a chance it won't work with a particular panel. Also, you can occasionally find a panel with a control board already attached. This project is on the backburner currently so I don't have any links to share right now.
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