My 1st SFF : a louqe in the french caribean !

Hi guys ! (and girls).

I'm french, living in french caribean (Martinique).... so it's bit difficult to get PC parts here.
I always built my PCs since high school. But my last build is getting really old and struggling (i5 3570K @ 4.2ghz, 8go DDR3, GTX660) in a old Asus cheap case that seen many parts.

Time is coming for a real update, or more likely a fresh start.
So, I start to read over the internet, to update my knowledge about what's new, what's good to buy these days... and very quickly I see that mini ITX and SFF is becoming interesting.

I'm sick of having the PC in a separate room, I'm not a teenager since long time... got excited with the idea of having a tiny PC beside the 4K oled TV.

After some research about what would be the best case for my need, I almost bought a kolink rocket... but I found that the CPU cooler clearance is too narrow, and no real possibility of evolution with an AIO.
I finally decided to order a louqe ghost S1 on amazon USA (deliver to my place, but cost a fortune in transport and import fees...). I feel like I'm lucky, as many people backed the project many months ago and still waiting...

The box is on it's way, travelled all around the caribeans anticlockwise, should be there in few days.

I hope to keep it aircooled, to have the cleanest look in small size without the top hat. But just in case I change my mind (or mainly if temps are too hot), I also bought the large top hat.

Now is time to order what will go inside. My plan so far :
- RTX 2070 super PNY blower (probably bit loud but better for temp inside the tiny case) => already ordered
- 16gb DDR4 corsair vengeance LPX 3600
- 1to M.2 SSD
- Corsair SF600 platinum (better cables than gold)
- Noctua L12S that I will bend (hopefuly)

CPU ? That's the last unknown...
I was going for classic i5 9600k or i7 9700k. But I discovered that AMD is back in the game.
So why not a Ryzen 3700X. But at the moment ITX motherboard, are very limited, not much in stock and prices are really high.

Not sure what to do.

Later on, if I'm not happy with temps, I will add the top hat (probably at the bottom it looks better), and corsair AIO.
And if I finnaly get the answer from NZXT, about compatibility of G12 with 2070 super, why not 2 120mm AIO ;)

Sorry for long post, and thanks for good content on this forum.
I'll keep you updated with my build.