My 1st. computer build, ThorZone Mjolnir air sims

I'm awaiting arrival of my ThorZone case, I'm an older guy (67) who likes air simming. The GPU will most probably come later, after I see in a few months what prices are then. I tried to start out with an iMac desktop, but it's age (2011) and having to use Bootcamp/Parallels etc. brought that to a disappointing end. I figure a purpose built dedicated machine will be what I want. I'll use the mac for regular computer duties, email, internet surfing. So far I have a VKB F-14 joystick grip & base, Logitech 56 throttle, Thrustmaster TPR Pendular rudder pedals. (When I was in the USN I had a pilot tell me the rudders were critical for some manouvers in the Grumman F-14 Tomcat,one of my favorite planes.) Not being rich, this took a while just like the subassemblies, PSU, motherboard, CPU for this build will have thierpurchase spread out over a little while.


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May 9, 2015
Welcome to the forum ! GPU prices are brutal these days, I'm still holding out with a GT 1030 until they become more reasonable.

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Aug 21, 2021
Hey, thanks, Phuncz! The Thorzone Mjolnir case came in, and now that prices are finally a bit more reasonable for GPUs, I'm ready to begin collecting components to populate the case with. It looks like the sizes given for these internal bits on the Mjolnir website will be handy, can't fit a 2 gallon dohicky into a 1 gallon bucket, right? I'm thinking an AMD 5600XT GPU, the rest to closely follow Linus's (Linus Tech Tips, on Youtube) recent (posted in just the last few days) "budget build" component choices, with attention paid on my part to the physical dimensions of them. So, "Here I go!"
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