CPU MSI Z390-I Gaming Edge Motherboard?


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Jul 18, 2020
The MSI Z390i Gaming Edge AC is the only motherboard I can find for a reasonable price, but is it really any good? I'd be running an 8600k at 4.8 GHz in the Cooler Master NR200 case.

I know it was a very cheap motherboard at launch and was pretty cut-down on features. I don't think I've seen a single build actually using it, and unlike the other Z390's it looks like there's still a decent amount of stock left in shops. Is there a reason that people seem to be avoiding this motherboard?

Quite strangely there are also barely any reviews for it online, and none that really go into depth on its performance and stability.

My first choice was the Strix board and I know the ASrock Phantom is really good as well, but they're virtually impossible to find in the UK now. The few you can find are selling for upto £300. Even the used boards are selling for upwards of £200. But you can still get the MSI brand new here for £150.