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MSI has announced two ATX 3.0 power supplies in the form of the 1000 watt MEG Ai1000P and the 1300 watt MEG Ai1300P. While we all knew that ATX 3.0 PSUs were going to be announced, MSI has taken an extra and interesting step of also releasing testing information for those PSU. MSI states that the Ai1300P can withstand up to 2,600 watts of sudden power draw for when a GPU power spikes. Interestingly, MSI seems to be preparing for a next-generation GPU that can sustain 600 watts power draw, and burst to 1,800 watts.
RTX 4090 Ti anyone?
While we at SFFN don’t have the necessary equipment to test the PSUs, you can bet that the new Linus Tech Tips labs and Gamer’s Nexus will make MSI put their money where their mouth is.
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Jan 11, 2022
Am I the only one who think this is very sad news ? Might confirm the trend toward very high wattage GPU.....

Definitely sucks. And it's worrisome that we don't have PSUs like this on the market yet since these cards are launching soon. I'd buy from Seasonic, Superflower, or Silverstone.... I won't touch anything MSI makes.


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May 9, 2015
I just wonder at what time does very short and huge peaks in power draw turn into long and consistently large power draw. Will some games cause this ? Will this be abused in benchmarks ? Meaning the advertised max speeds will only be obtained in hard to attain scenarios (using sub-ambient cooling) or unacceptable scenarios (>60dB fan noise). I'm sure the critical reviews will show this behavior but I'm not expecting this "don't mind the huge peaks, they're very short" development to be positive for us customers.
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