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    So I went ahead and created a "Thin Mini-ITX" category under Motherboards and added a couple of T-series LGA 1150 boards from ASUS.

    I'm curious as to what data points users would like to see for these boards in the info boxes, in contrast to the normal ITX boards.


    Mini-ITX: ASUS H87I-Plus

    Thin Mini-ITX: ASUS Q87T
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    With their intended use being AIOs it might be relevant to mention whether or not there's an eDP port, the standard only requires LVDS.
    Also an internal power plug is relevant.

    edit: also, M.2 is having a bit slower penetration of the market from the looks of things so mPCIe might also be a good thing to note. (from the picture, the board you linked has 1 half length and one full length slot, but one of those could be mSATA)
    Also only some Thin ITX boards come with a PCIe slot which is relevant
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    Jup, all of that. Also, the Gigabyte boards also have a WIR of 12-19V instead of the usual 19V, which is very interesting and important information not available in the manuals or product pages of those boards, just in a single press release on the Gigabyte homepage.
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    Some more info regarding the on-board DC barrel connectors of current Skylake boards :

    Brand is Singatron, as per Intel guidelines.

    Gigabyte H110TN : 5.5mm DC connector seems to be the 2DC-G213 reference and is rated for 10A @ 20V.
    Asrock H110TM-ITX: 7.4mm DC connector seems to be the 2DC-S060 reference and is rated for 10A @ 42V.

    EDIT : Intel Q77 and H61 boards technical info specifies higher ratings :

    • The board can be powered through a 19 V DC connector on the backpanel. The backpanel DC connector is compatible with a 7.4 mm/OD (outer diameter) and 5.1 mm/ID (inner diameter) plug, where the inner contact is +19 (±10%) V DC and the shell is GND. The maximum current rating is 12 A.
    • Internal Power Supply – the board can alternatively be powered via the internal 19 V DC 1 x 2 power connector, where pin 1 is GND and pin 2 is +19 (±10%) VDC.
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