Mjolnir Case vs Loque S1 Case


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Mar 21, 2020
Hello folks!

I am in the planning stage of building a SFFPC. I know the Mjolnir is not available yet, but I am anticipating its release. I absolutely love the case! But at the same time, I am planning to built my SFFPC with an i9 9900 8-core processor. In terms of cooling, I optimally would like a Kraken X52 AIO. I saw on the Mjolnir's website that it can support the 240 mm AIO, but I would have to take a fan off. Would that severely impact the cooling ? I wonder if there would be some space to fit a slim Noctua fan in the space between the bottom of the case and the motherboard? I think that the i9 needs to have as much cooling as possible. I really want the Mjolnir, but I understand that if it would impact the thermals of the i9, I would settle for the Loque Ghost S1 with a tophat. I intend to make this Sffpc to be able to travel with it, and I do not mind the assembling/dismantling part. What do you guys think ?


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Jul 15, 2019
There are ppl who barely have a screwdriver in their house and most of them buy final product. In case of the itx case the talk about final and easy to apply solutions lik an AIO. The AIO with 2 Fans wont fit. The easiest solution will be a smaller fan next to the mainboard (9cm) or a smaller cooling system like an eisbär solo + xspc tx240 + slim fans.

PPL think that the 9900k needs a lot of cooling, but at peak with unrealistic apps like prime95 the 240mm aio wont be enough. When you encode some videos you need about 150w and with some 95w powerlimit you can almost use any 120mm cooling system.

So the easiest way is to screw or glue a smaller fan on the radiator next to the mainboard of you 240mm AIO.