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Mission Statement
SFF Forum is an online community geared towards small form factor enthusiasts: system builders who prize space efficiency and thoughtful design in what they create, use, and enjoy. As such, our aim, and our hope, is to be a resource for sharing builds, experiences, and knowledge - and to provide a platform for all SFF community projects and products to flourish.

In addition to the Terms of Use here are some additional rules:
  • In general, use common sense and show courtesy to your fellow members
  • Don't post links that are shortened or contain referral codes
  • Do post in English
  • Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated
  • Some content may be moderated before it will be visible to the public

Vendor Rules
Vendors are encouraged to interact with the community and are free to discuss their SFF-related products (including posting links to their products where appropriate).

HOWEVER, this is for the purpose of allowing the community to provide feedback on your products or work. Posting links to sites you have a financial interest in, without subsequently engaging the community (or posting where it's not relevant to the discussion), will be deemed as spam, and will lead to post deletion and/or account bans at the discretion of the SFF Forum staff.

Please contact an admin (@PlayfulPhoenix and @confusis) to request a user banner displaying your company affiliation, which we use to ensure transparency and verify rep identities for users.

Affiliate Links
SFF Forum automatically updates certain e-commerce links (such as Amazon) across the forum to use a referral code. We do this to help enforce our ban on referral links (since we overwrite those posted by users), as well as to financially support the forum.

Building and running a review website and associated community is time consuming and costly! We would appreciate it if users would peruse the Subscriptions available if you wish to support us financially.

User Banner Guide
SFF.N staff members have either an Editorial Staff or Moderator banner under their avatar, to indicate their role. These are red and blue. Meanwhile, users who have projects, businesses or similar roles may have verification banners; these are grey banners with checkmarks issued by SFF.N that are meant to reflect that a user has been confirmed to be who they claim.
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