Multi Mini interest check/groupbuy for eisbaer lt solo (continental USA only) total 5 units

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USA only
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a mini groupbuy for some eisbaer lt solo cpu pump/block combo. It would only be for continental USA users. I'm doing this because all the US retailers have been out of stock for months, and shipping from aquatuning is about $57 for 1(so it would cost a total of ~$130), But it is also $57 for 6 units. I am planning to see if anyone would be interested in a limited Group buy. I need one, and it seems the reasonable solution to buy a couple and sell them. Not for profit, (although it will help make shipping cost easier)

I have done a successful group buy before on mechmarket before. I have over 70 confirmed trades on hardware swap and like 30 on mechmarket. (Username on reddit is /u/poblopuablo )

I want to be transparent with costs.

My cost:

- $73.18 per unit (total 439.08)

- 57.20 shipping cost

- total 496.28

What I'd charge, $95 each shipped. And the break down:

- 496.28/ 6 units = 82.71

- approximately $10 to ship within the USA.

- PayPal fees: 2.9% of 95 = $2.76

- total: $95.47.

if shipping costs vary slightly I will either cover the remainder or swallow the extra funds.

As you could see I would not be doing this for profit, just to get this hard-to-get product in the hands of fellow sffpc enthusiasts.

I'm not sure if people would even want to spend $95 on this. I don't think it's worth it, but it's the only low profile cpu block pump combo that will fit in my case, and the same goes for many others' systems.

Full disclosure: I have asked r/hardwareswap and r/sffpc if I could post there, but r/hardwareswap does not allow for Groupbuy posts. r/sffpc recommend posting on r/sffpcswap, they said if I do, then I can crosspost on r/sffpc for interest but they said:

"Moreover, once you crosspost your post here, we will sticky a moderator comment with something along the lines of "beware that /r/sffpc cannot verify the integrity of parties involved in this group buy and encourages you to proceed at your own risk" "

No money would be collected until at least 4 units have been claimed. When 4 units have been claimed and paid for I will place the order. The estimated shipping time is approximately 1 month according to their site, so please consider about 5weeks from the time I place the order.

Again this is only for continental 48states USA shipping. If you are interested please let me know.

Claimed spots:


Any questions or concerns please ask. I have asked @confusis if this is ok to post, and he said it would be acceptable.


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Apr 11, 2020
Hey, I live in Germany and I don't know what these shipping costs include (taxes?) but it seems quite expensive given that a package would cost me 16€ (20$??) to ship to the US. Seems like they're using express shipping which would cost me approx. 50€.


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Oct 25, 2019
edit - @Poblopuablo I ended up purchasing last night from performance-pcs (looks like they have one left in stock), it cost $76 shipped with their current promo code.
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