Concept MDF Capable Airflow-Focused No-Compromises Mini-ITX


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Feb 18, 2019

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The Meshify C is too big, the Dan Case has crap cooling (where would a fan go anyway?), and none of the other cases on the market do it for me.

I've spent way more time on this than I should have. This is inspired by the Meshify C, the Dan Case and the DIY Perks MDF case.

You should be able to do this with some MDF and some patience. While the dimensions aren't perfect, the final product should be around 12.3L, which is as small as it gets for having space for two 2.5" drives behind the MB, 2 platter drives, the best GPUs on the market, a CD-ROM, and the best cooling that you can get (no compromises).

You could easily shrink it down by nixing the CD Rom and the two HDs, if you've no use for them.

CPU Cooler (fan oriented to draw air into the case):

IO (will be placed in the DVD Drive space):

GPU Filter:

CPU Filter:

Meshify C (no compromises)
Dan Case:
DIY Perks Case: