Off Topic Mac Mini rumored for a refresh soon


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Aug 18, 2016
no indicator as to when, but whispers say it'll increase in volume, will be targeted at "creative professionals", and use roughly the same processor loadout of the recent thro 6-core MBPs

Apple is also planning the first upgrade to the Mac mini in about four years. It’s a Mac desktop that doesn’t include a screen, keyboard, or mouse in the box and costs $500. The computer has been favored because of its lower price, and it’s popular with app developers, those running home media centers, and server farm managers. For this year’s model, Apple is focusing primarily on these pro users, and new storage and processor options are likely to make it more expensive than previous versions, the people said.


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May 9, 2015
Hopefully they'll take this chance to bring out a genuinely true personal computer and not it on a 3-5 year refresh/maintenance cycle. While their Social Media devices (iPhone) are using alien technology and quantum entangled microscopic black hole tech to increment the rate at which it can load a page on Facebook, I'd like to see them still make devices that their customers have been asking for, instead of a flacid excuse of a device that was designed in between lunch breaks only to show the shareholders that PC is dead.


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Oct 16, 2017
I still have a 2011 Mac mini with an i7 and dedicated graphics at home, which I later upgraded with additional RAM and a Fusion Drive configuration.

I had planned to sell it and replace it once the next model debuted...but the 2012 Mac mini performed significantly worse in most benchmarks than what I have, since Apple dropped the dedicated graphics. I had planned to get the next one instead...but, aside from the addition of USB 3.0, the 2014 model was essentially a sidegrade that'd cost me $500+. I had planned to get the next one instead...

But then I discovered this site and got hooked on the idea of doing my own SFF build instead.

Anyway, I'm eager to see what they'll do with it, since it's likely to be an easy recommendation for certain family and friends.
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Jun 4, 2018
Hopefully it isn't:
  1. Sealed
  2. All soldered
  3. Thermally limited
  4. Completely USB C
I can't get my hopes up though, especially considering that's against all modern Apple philosophy (and I can't afford/need one)
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Nov 18, 2017
Their current offering is an irredeemably bad value with the amount of other tiny ready-to-go machines that exist on the market. Hopefully that changes.
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Mar 30, 2018
Hey All!

Was wondering if everyone had heard the new Pro Mac Mini rumors and had any thoughts / educated guesses as to how exciting it will be? Should we take bets on it's PPL (Performance Per Liter) ??:cool:

Does anyone know what processors in Intel's product line would be used for a desktop like this?

Apple has made promises of forthcoming upgradable pro hardware and wonder if this might be it? Perhaps it will be upgradable solely through Thunderbolt 3.

I personally love the idea of being able to stick this on my desk next to my beefy PC workstation and link the two with a thunderbolt bridge. PC for 3D applications and Renders. Mac for 2D animation and design.:thumb::D