Other M1 custom front panel blasphemy


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Oct 21, 2016
Ok, so I probably have too much time on my hands due to this pandemic ... but I always wanted to make my M1 as "stealthy/simple" as my Cerberus ... that and ultimately powder coat the M1 for a bit more durability and smudge resistance. I tried contacting Ncase, but I haven't heard back from them, probably because this is so silly ... so I started with welding in the angular cutout on the front panel of the M1, next is automotive putty, and then powder coating. It will most likely end up with white side/front and black top panel.

I don't use the front I/O and I'm temporarily relocating the power button to the back where the name plate is, until I figure out how to approach a top button solution - that's mainly on hold due to my 40/2600 DC-LT still being en route ...once it gets here I'll move forward with the button.

Ps. still can't attach photos, or imgur links ... oh well.

Some photos