Other Lowest profile SATA cable connector?! (MSI GS63VR Laptop SATA drive connection)


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Jan 5, 2017
Hey folks!

Today I went through the trouble of upgrading the hard drives in my MSI GS63VR, and I noticed the way the laptop connects to the 2.5" SATA disk drive is quite space-efficient. I've asked about other low profile connectors before, and I'm really starting to feel like someone should be figuring out how we can use these sorts of connectors in the desktop space.

This is a ribon cable connector connected to a small circuit board and SATA data and power connectors. That's all the motherboard needs to talk to the drive and (presumably) get full performance.

Is there any hope of getting connectors similar to this working in the desktop space? I understand that a big part of the complication is that the drive wants to draw power from the PSU and communicate to the motherboard via SATA, but it seems like the technology to be able to reduce our cable clutter (by ~1 power cable per SATA drive) is right in front of us.