Low Poly Backgrounds: Requests available!

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    I've been doing some low-poly art for fun in the past few weeks, but I've started running out of ideas. I need some stuff to keep me busy!

    So, post your ideas below and I'll get back (with the completed image) in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Feel free to specify custom resolutions and specific colors.

    I've already done a deer bust, a wolf, and a bluebird, if you want me to email them to you, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!
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    I'd suggest you post a couple of demo images to entice the masses :p
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    Use Imgur for the love of all that is free and reliable XD
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    My current and prolly all time favorite wallpaper


    I usually type "minimalist low polygon wallpaper" in Google image to find my wallpapers.
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    Heavens that display time on my PC...

    S P A C E F O R C E
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