Looking for itx pc case (gen 1 xbox one size or ps4 size)


What's an ITX?
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Aug 14, 2019
I want to be able travel to a friends house or across state without fear that my suitcase pc (inside the silverstone ml08b-h) would be not considered a carry-on or travel friendly like a ps4 or xbox one. I have looked at cases like the dr zaber sentry 2.0 but who knows when thats ever going to come into stock or if they are even going to make another batch at all, looked at the dan a4 and the skyreach mini but are either too expensive either leaving out space for larger gpu, psu, or hard drive space to achieve their size and they are too expensive not counting the small form factor psu I would have to buy if I were to get the s4 mini that has the same $200 price tag... all I want is to fit my pc that holds, a 240mm gpu, 2 laptop hhd's and a 45mm cooler in one mini itx package and be able to travel with the size comparable to a 1st gen xbox one or ps4

any help with this would be awesome thanks