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Looking for a case for mITX w/ APU and no power brick


King of Cable Management
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Dec 3, 2016
I'd like to replace my HTPC case with something that does not have an external power brick.

Must have:
1) HTPC styled case (horizontal, not vertical)
2) Uses a Flex ATX PSU or some other internal PSU
3) Fits a mITX motherboard (going to use an AMD APU)

Good to have:
1) As small as possible - no wasted space for a large graphics card or larger SFX power supply (unless it still makes for a minimal size)
2) Half height PCIe slot (single or dual)
3) USB-C on the front panel (not holding my breath for this one)

That's all! Having a hard time finding a case like this and would like suggestions!
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Master of Cramming
Sep 8, 2016
look for "project jolokia" here on this forum. i bet you'll find it as impressive as i did at first glance. ;)


King of Cable Management
Nov 18, 2017
I was actually looking at this thing the other night. They use Flex ATX PSU's.
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