Little compact case component layout idea...


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Mar 20, 2017

I'm probably not going to make this, I have no need to push myself to going that compact, but I felt like playing around with layouts a bit. It's a mini-ITX motherboard, 2x 2.5" Drives, beneath those drives is a 3.5" Drive, closest to the camera is the TFX PSU (using the dimensions of a Seasonic 350W TFX PSU)... I'd probably then position an optical drive just above or below. It is a tight squeeze in a few spots, but everything fits. Interestingly, the GPU, PSU and CPU fans would all be facing the top of the case, so I feel like a low down little slim-load Optical drive beneath the motherboard would work best...

One cool thing I did discover, Seasonic's industrial PSU's have a couple with on of the dimensions at just over 1", I'd be curious to find out what makes it "industrial" rather than "consumer", although I don't profess to be a power supply expert, there doesn't seem to be much of a different except dimensions. It'd be quite cool to see power supplies like that readily available for PC building though...

Could fairly comfortably fit it in a 350x350x100mm box, with that little space behind the PSU still unused.