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Discussion in 'NCASE' started by jslegers, Mar 11, 2019.

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    I'm planning for a new build this summer. The first time I saw the NCASE M1 I was sold. I'm considering the windowed version.
    I want to make a AMD ITX with the new upcoming Ryzen 5 3600. I will use my EVGA 1070 SC. Maybe a smaller GPU.
    On the CPU I want to use the Noctua NH-L9X64 AM4 Edition.
    My goal is to have a gaming PC with a power consumption below the 200 watt's while gaming.

    My question is it a good idea to use a exhaust fan at the rear for example the a Redux fan from Noctua to keep the temps low.
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    A rear exhaust is a good idea, I am running a Noctua NH-U9S with a Redux fan pointing to the rear exhaust and the standard 92mm fan that came with the cooler as an exhaust.
    The Redux shifts less air than the standard 'Coffee N Cream' fan, but does look better. If I was doing a higher CPU OC or had a hotter OC, I would only use standard Noctuas as the cool better than the Reduxes.

    I have no idea if the NH-L9X64 will be sufficient to cool your forthcoming Ryzen 5, but I do know that the NH-U9S is a tried and tested solution in the M1.
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    A means of getting hot air out of the case is always handy, in my opinion - my setup is similar to @Arboreal in that I have a U9S with a fan pushing air across the heatsink to the back of the case, and a second fan on the rear panel as an exhaust. When I did some ruidmentary testing I noticed a decent drop in termperatures from adding the rear fan. Unlike @Arboreal , though, I've gone full-on Noctua colour scheme rather than any Redux fans :)

    I'm not sure how having a top-down cooler like the L9X plus a rear exhaust would fare in terms of airflow.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I will look at the NH-U9S. I hope that next week we will get more info about the Ryzen 5 3600 at GDC. And otherwise we have to wait till computex.
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    I can also confirm great results from the u9s in the ncase :)
    Though i had mine as inlet on the rear and exhaust at the bottom of the case, which netted better results for me, but I was using an accellero 3 cooler on my gpu, so that may have been specific to my use case.

    With regard to top down coolers, I also tried the C14s and got similar results to the u9s, so my feeling is the L9 might come up short. Its a fantastic cooler in its size to be sure, but you can certainly fit better in the ncase :)
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    What size of fan can I mount on the back 92 or 120?
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