Image Credit – L91
With the announcement of several smaller RTX 4060 and 4060Ti GPUs, it’s a good time to look at some builds using similar sized cards. I also need to filter through the backlog of YouTube videos I should have posted links for.
In this case (Ha!), we have L91, seen above prepping for his career as a F1 Crew Chief, performing a nicely balanced build-up of a Lazer3D LZX-8. Lazer3D is one of the earliest custom builders for the SFF market and is unfortunately often overlooked. However, their cases are quiet good, and have a lot of power packed into a small volume. Plus they have excellent customization options including wood panels and actual old-school fan grills.

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Airflow Optimizer
Jul 28, 2021
Always nice to see more posts and builds about Lazer3D's cases.

The LZX-8 is really a great case (and it's the first post/build that i have here on the forums), and it's still one of the one I miss quite a bit, after giving it to a friend's nephew.