"Known Good" US sites in China?

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    Hello good people!

    Given my upcoming trip to China, I would like to find as many U.S websites (SFF Forum included) that I could access during my trip. Does anyone have any suggestions/known unblocked sites related to technology I could access (e.g. Anandtech/SFF Forum/Newegg/PCPartpicker?)

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    Well, I suggest local sites (eg chiphell and expreview) which can fill up all your time (unless you cannot read Chinese).
    A lot of reviews and amazing builds there.
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    Most (if not all) 'technology' sites are not blocked as far as I know because 'fake' news are usually absent there. So, I think you are OK.

    But, if you want to bypass the Wall altogether, the easiest way is just to use your local carrier's roaming service. Check with them and see what they offer and then pick a plan that suits your needs.

    And if you enter China via the port of Hong Kong, then there is an even higher C/P solution. Just grab a pre-paid SIM card (3G or 4G, making sure your phone supports the band frequencies) from a China Mobile or China Unicom store. (I am not sure if you can order one online while you are still in the US.) And use that with your phone to access the net, bypassing the Wall without sweat.
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    Thank you all for your help :).

    I will not be entering thru Hong Kong, but I will look into data roaming as an option. I can read Chinese, so I will try those sites.
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    hen i went, i team viewered a PC I set up at home, seperated from my home network lol
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    I might actually do something similar with Windows Remote Desktop connection. Good idea.
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    Just get a VPN and you don't need to worry about being blocked. However, most Chinese websites (JD.com, Taobao, and WeChat all block VPN IPs) and services will block you if you are using a VPN. So, yeah.....
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    I can't quite afford a VPN, but I'll look into it.