Khadas Technology Co Ltd, a company founded in 2016, has unveiled the “Mind”, a workstation with portability and modularity in mind. Instead of lugging around a laptop, Khadas suggests that carrying around a small PC the size of an A6 piece of paper (albeit at 20mm thick) is a better option. Modularity is a key marketing aspect, with standalone and docked functionality featured on their product page.
Based on an Intel i7-1360P Processor (12 cores – 4 performance cores/8 threads and 8 efficiency cores, making for a total of 16 threads, with a maximum turbo of 5.0GHz at 64W), the base unit measures in at 146 x 105 x 20mm, or 0.3 Litres. The base system weighs in at 450g, including the 5.55Wh standby battery. Whilst the inclusion of a battery sounds exciting – the battery is only to support sleep mode – up to 5 hours.
The base Mind unit comes...

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Jul 9, 2016
'Mind Link' on their site is described as "This interface has a PCIe 5.0 transfer speed of 32GT/s on just a single pin, and a lifespan exceeding 10,000 unplug/replug cycles." so it will be interesting to see whether they allow docking/undocking in sleep state or you need to turn off the base unit (pcie hotplug, hello :) )
and if they did not want to add external power to the gpu dock, maybe that is why chose 4060m, probably configuring a low enough TGP to provide power only via the Mind Link. a 100W USB-C would do it, but their spec talks about 65W only. that would not even be enough for the base unit as the CPU's max turbo power is 64W unless limited.

interesting concept but nothing new :) cool gadget tho, makes me wanting one.
stacking option would be nice, too.
also having e.g. a MindStorage (MindNAS? MindM.2Rack?) and a MindFireWall or MindNet would be cool.
and a Mindplifier with hi-fi stereo amp maybe :D


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Feb 13, 2018
Just backed this up (Mind Premium + Mind Link). As a Bday gift for my brother. We'll see how it goes.
Later we'll see for the GPU option (now 4060Ti not 4060m).
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