Kevin is back! with more 3d models.

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    I'm back. With new name: 3feetcat

    2018 4 4
    For those who didn't know me. I am nobody, you don't have to know who I am, just remember my work.
    If you have this link in your bookmark, then that's me. I started to post high-quality 3D models on GrabCAD for free since 2015. I had a pleasant experience working with GrabCAD. However, it comes to an end recently because of multiple reasons. I will explain later in another post.

    After today I will start using the name 3feetcat. It represents people who try to do everything but not good at any one of them in Chinese. That's kind of like me. I am building a website for the rest of my works and I will start to upload works on this site.

    Thanks 1461748123 and BernardoZ for introducing me to this Forum.

    This is a new account, but it will be awesome.
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    Welcome back!
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    I highly disagree, but I like the name anyway.

    Welcome bro ;)
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    @3feetcat Threads merged, please don't spam.
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    hey, welcome :)
    you sure helped my first adventures in case design!