Image credit - Jonsbo

Jonsbo has shown the VR3; a mesh tower based SFF case. The design features a vertical sandwich design akin to the SSUPD Meshlicious, and mesh panels that wrap around the front and sides in a single piece. The rear of the case has a grab handle as the VR3 has a central core that slides in and out of the outer case. The top of the case is a solid panel with USB and USB-C ports.

Coming in both black and white, the VR3 supports up to a 280mm AIO or radiator in the front, GPUs up to 325mm in length, and between 2 and 4 drives depending on configuration. CPU cooler height is restricted to 70mm.

Comparisons will rightly be drawn against the SSUPD Meshlicious. Aside from the sliding core and closed off top and bottoms, the VR3 places the GPU connections at the top of the case. This may negate the need for right angle connectors, depending on the height position it is installed in. Additionally, while the Jonsbo product page did show a PCIe X16 riser cable, it did not specify if it was 3.0 or 4.0.

Pricing is not listed at this time.

Click here to visit the Jonsbo Product Page.