Jonsbo is releasing a new compact cooler to match the T8 Plus ITX case. The CR-2200 is a dual tower cooler with the overall dimensions of 98mm(L) x 92mm(W) x 135mm (H). It features two 92x25mm fans with a claimed noise level of 28.5dBA. Socket compatibility includes all modern consumer platforms, but does not list Intel's upcoming LGA 1700 socket.

The cooler has six direct-touch copper heatpipes that lead to a dense silver-colored finstack. The top of the cooler has a black decorative topper, and both fans are black. Based on the photos, the fans look to be standard size with standard mounting clips, so can be swapped out to your preferred 92mm fan.

No price is currently listed.

You can see the product page for the Jonsbo CR-2200 HERE.
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