Prototype JKase -- Triangular Vertical Case, 3 slots GPU support, 280mm radiator, Simple appearance, Vertical Airflow


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Nov 24, 2021
2022-06-24 : Little update of JKase prototype, JKase v0.2

Introduction and Background​

Hello friends!😻

I am a SFF lover and have been paying attention to different chassis designs in the past few years. Vertical ITX case is my personal favorites. Since most of them are full of mesh panel and I don't like mesh so much personally. So I tried to design a case by myself. The case idea is try my best to reduce mesh panel and try not to affect thermal performance. Also try to keep appearance simple. Now I would like to show you my design concept.

Design goal:
  • All I/O on one side
  • Think out of the box
  • Vertical design
  • Vertical Airflow
  • Less mesh panel (doesn't like mesh panel personally)
  • Good Dust Filtration
  • Good Thermal Performance
  • Modular
  • Clean and Simple

Parts Compatibility:​

  • Motherboards: mini-ITX
  • PSU: SFX / SFX-L
  • Radiator: 280mm
  • GPU: 3 slots, max lengths 330mm.
    • Ultimate mode (without top fan) : 3.5 slots / 4 slots (not test yet), max lengths 355mm
  • FAN: 4 x 14cm fans
  • Drive: 4 x 2.5'' drive
  • CPU water block: not test yet
  • Air cooler: not test yet

Case Structure:

  • Whole Case

  • Motherboard Panel

  • Drive Panel

  • Radiator Panel

  • Fan Bracket

  • Feet

  • Connecting Column
  • Decorative Panel

Thermal Performance:
Testing components:
CPU: AMD 5800X
Motherboard: AORUS B550I
AIO: ROG Strix LC II 280
GPU: ROG Strix 2080 Ti
PSU: Cooler Master SFX 850 GOLD

  • AIDA 64 + Furmark:

  • Time Spy Extreme Stress Test:


To be updated:
  • 3 systems mode / fun mode:

✨Thank you for reading this post. This is the beta v0.2 version of JKase. Thermal performance looks very good and far exceeded my expectations. Seems this case still need to be improved. If you have any idea or suggestion just feel free to let me know. 😻 Hope you enjoy it.

2022-1-17:Show Concept, JKase Trident Ver. 0.1​