Concept ITX watercooling dream - looking for a vendor


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Oct 1, 2019
Hey all,
Maybe some vendor from here will see my post and offer his service, I would need someone with experience in custom cases to make one with Ncase M1 style internals for mITX, but :
-higher by 45mm from the top(to acommodate slim rad and fans) and 20mm from the bottom(for better rad support)
-wider by 20mm to improve GPU block support
-longer to acommodate for 360 radiators

Hence the total size would be:

Vented side panel(solid one on the back of the motherboard).

This would be the smallest case that would fit 2x360mm radiators and d5 pump comfortably, without the need for a GPU riser.

Anyone would be interested? Happy to discuss further.