It's that time of year..

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    Excuse me while I go all philosophical on yer asses.

    It's that time of year where family, friends and so on are the focus of our attention - from the holiday season, to the USA tradition of thanksgiving, etc. Whilst the negative amongst us are looking to the bad, how about we all look towards the good - what we are thankful and happy for! (I know we shouldn't rely on a certain time of year to think in such a way, but sometimes we need reminding that shit ain't that bad)

    I'm thankful for the two children I am the solo parent of, the fact that I have a day job (came very close to redundancy this week), and the fact that whilst I have stepped down from regular content production for SFFn, you lot haven't shunned me!

    How about you? What are you thankful for, or happy exists? Positive vibes only in this thread, as the hipsters would say.
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    Well, I am a follower of Jesus and so you know what I am thankful for, especially at this time of the year.

    Among some not so good things, many good things did happen to me this year. Since this is a forum of PC nature, I would mention one related thing: I was able to unload all my AMD shares this September. I was not particularly timing the market but now, with a hindsight, my getting out at $32.xx was the peak in years.

    And, my current rig based on Asus Z87 Sabertooth is 5 years old. While still quite healthy, I want to migrate to a new rig, under controllable circumstances. I have just built my first ever SFF rig, based on Asus Z390i Gaming [see Build Log if interested]. All hardwares are assembled and Windows 10 installed. Now, I am in the process of installing other essential softwares. So far so good. Am happy.
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  3. el01

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    Thankful for the people around me, including ones on this forum; cookies, family, and lots of help at school.
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  4. Solo

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    MY DOG.

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    I just graduated and my final project involved this community so I'm really grateful about this platform, where we are encouraged to try, share and learn.
    This year have been a very positive one for me, with lots of personal growth and profissional ones and I'm closing this 5 year college cicle on a really good position, and I cant thank this forum and its members enougth.
    also my family relations have been better than ever, and thats something to be really thanfull for
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    Is your dog guarding a floor standing PC to the right ?
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    LOL that's my fridge. :D
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    Se he is guarding the fridge, you must have beer in there. :thumb:
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    Congrats! What was/is your project about?

    Well, about me, I am in the same position... My university life is ending in months, we'll see what future will bring to me :)
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    I have just been reminded of a special Christmas. Many years ago, I spent Christmas in Sydney. What so special, you might ask.
    Well, Sydney is in the Southern Hemisphere and December is summer time down there! For those of us so accustomed to having winter in December, that Christmas was an experience of much thankfulness. More than 30 years ago now but I still remember seeing Santa wearing red shorts walking in downtown Sydney. I took a ferry ride to get to the Sydney Zoo and spent an afternoon there. Highlight of the day was holding and petting a Koala on my arms! I even gave yearly donation to sponsor two Koala bears until they passed away. In return, I received their pictures on their birthdays. Very fond memories!
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  11. Windfall

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    Thankful for family, good friends, life, health, and happiness. Also my mountain bike. And this forum.
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    I'm thankful for Jesus and his blessings and guidance for me and my family throughout this year. Thankful for my daughter, thanks to her a year went so quickly, struggles and whatnot, but most of all happiness.

    Thankful for this forum, you lot has kept my sanity in check - reading through the posts is a good way to wind down after cooking all day long and entertaining the kiddo when I got home.

    Also, a friend gifted me a deep fryer.
    Very, very thankful. Now if only I can find some electrical outlet out on the patio somewhere...
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