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Is there a way to fuse two barrel jacks together?


Minimal Tinkerer
Original poster
Dec 23, 2017
So I wanted to fuse two barrel jack connectors together because I am going to work on a project that requires a Pico PSU and eGPU dock. However that would mean I'd have to use two laptop power bricks. To cut down on the cost and the amount of bricks I wanted to use one 330 watt brick since that would be more then enough for my needs. However there are no HDplex power supplies where I am so I have to use a pico psu + eGPU dock to supply power to my GPU. I will use the HDplex 160watt pico psu for the CPU/ram/mobo. The eGPU dock would take a DC-DC power supply. So instead of using two bricks I wanted a way to maybe fuse them into one brick or get a two in one adaptor if that would work. Is there a safe way to do that?


Trash Compacter
Oct 23, 2017
I think to split the power source to two different devices is a bad idea safety wise. You will have two components that need a different amount of power, it would be a challenge to ground it. Is it a pre-built eGPU? If not you could buy a stronger PSU and power the GPU from it.

Otherwise, you could tape the two power bricks together ;)


Aug 16, 2017
There was a thread about putting an NUC in an eGPU case and powering them both with a single sfx psu. https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/questions-for-my-specific-brickless-endeavor.9122/

Your approach is different, yes, and as far as splicing the output of a brick into two barrel jack, I don't see any problem there. There should be no components able to induce reverse current to either side, in essence it'll just be two loads on paralel.

What do you mean on using pico in the eGPU? Does it not come with its own psu(or a controller)?