Discussion Inwin Chopin - Any way to fit a pcie ethernet card?


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Nov 4, 2018
Bought a pcie ethernet card for my Inwin Chopin to use as a router... Needed an additional Ethernet port.

Hadn't really thought about it before purchasing, but there seems no way to fit the card in.

Has anyone achieved this with some clever arrangement or mods?

Currently I'm using a pcie extender cable and the ethernet card is sitting outside my case lol.... But would like it inside if possible, even if I have to cut a hole somewhere


Noob Saibot
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May 15, 2020
As per above, in the 2.5" area can be done, I investigated this for my old plex server to put a quadro P600 in the back as i had the spare riser cable, it can be done without a huge effort. an ethernet card should be easier if it doesn't require additional cooling aswell. i mocked the setup up and it all fit niceley with the case fully closed. i just went a different path in the end.
there is quite a few builds over the net with rear mounted pcie cards of varying types, mostly gpu'e the occasional thunderbolt card etc done this was in the chopin.
post your results when done :)