Hello community,

I'm just an old fool from Portugal , most of my life I worked as Support/System administrator, but my real passion is for computer hardware in general (Mod, hack, OC, WC), I recently got interested in getting an old Mac (G5 or better) to play around, and I could not find one at reasonable price in Portugal (people are asking to much for a 15 year old computer), so my plan is to build a SFF computer to make a hackintosh ou maybe later a dual boot with Linux, so I gathered some used parts around and now I'm trying to accomplish the plan, so I found this forum in my researches, and I hope I can get some of my doubts answered.

Thank you all in advance!



Shrink Ray Wielder
Jan 20, 2018
Welcome! I always enjoy hackintosh projects, looking forward to seeing what you are working on :)