Introducing the SFF.N Discord!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick announcement that – on the eve of Computex 2019 – we've just enabled a neat new resource for the community: a dedicated SFF.N Discord server!

In the left navigation menu, folks who are logged into their SFF.N account can now see a Discord link, as well as a preview of the number of connected users currently on the server. To join the server, simply click the link.

Please note that our server is available only to those with active accounts on SFF.N. As such, when you first access the server, you'll land in an inactive 'welcome' channel with instructions on how to connect your SFF.N account with your Discord account. Once that's done, we will automatically update your username and (soon) your supporter status in Discord, granting you access to the full server.

If you have any question, feel free to let us know below. We're excited to bring this live just ahead of Computex, and can't wait to talk about the forthcoming developments in real time!

– Joshua


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Feb 22, 2015
Is this different from the previous supporter-only Discord?

Good question! Here's now this Discord works:
  • There are a few channels that are available to anyone with a SFF.N account. These are for general conversation by the community
  • There are a few other channels that will only be available to supporters and staff, once the new supporter tiers launch. This enables supporters to have more direct conversations with staff and other supporters
  • SFF.N recordings will now take place over Discord, and as such, select supporters will be able to listen in on recording sessions for podcasts and the like as well


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Sep 25, 2018
When I try to follow the link to "link" my user account to Discord I get a 404 error, despite being logged in.