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Storage Intel's new consumer and enterprise SSDs, M.2 PCIe included


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May 9, 2015

It sure took them long enough but Intel's finally ready to take M.2 SSDs seriously. But not on performance or reliability is the fight being held, but on price:

The 600p will be going after the client PCIe storage market from the opposite end: as one of the first TLC PCIe SSDs, its performance specifications don't set any records but it will be a much more value-oriented product than any of the M.2 PCIe SSDs currently on the market.

Interesting, M.2 PCIe SSDs for everyone !


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May 11, 2015
Very interesting. Intel's SSD reputation has always been on reliability above anything else. If they can continue to delver that at a competitive price-point, they could have a real winner.